Friday, September 7, 2012

Thrifty Alternatives for 'Project Life' Materials

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Here I am yet again with another post. So, I've been browsing around Becky Higgins' website, and I thought that Project Life does not require you to purchase items meant for the project. Why not adapt office supplies or craft materials available within our reach instead, right? That way, we save, we don't get frustrated, and we get to do the project just like anyone else, yes?

As mentioned in my previous post about getting started on Project Life, the key materials to completing this project  are binders, pocket pages, pens and of course, relevant photos and memorabilia. But, what if these are not available in the market? That should not be a reason for us to not proceed with the project. Listed below are a couple of non-traditional items that can be used to complete the project.
  1. Photo Albums - If you can't seem to find pocket page refills, one great alternative is by using a photo album. Why? Well, because it already has the pockets you need! Simply choose your album of choice, whether big or small. To make choosing easy, think whether you want to see a lot on your page or a photo or two would do. If you want more journalings and photos, naturally a bigger album would be the perfect one. However, if you just want a few photos, enough to capture a certain event and a little bit of journaling, a smaller photo album will suffice (which normally have 4 pockets per page, two in front and two in the back, which would be perfect for one photo and its corresponding journaling).
  2. A Sketch Pad - If you still have trouble finding photo albums, a sketch pad is the next best option. Instead of inserting photos and journaling into pockets, you can just simply stick them onto the pages of the sketch pad with a little adhesive, and voila! Problem solved!
  3. Notebook - For an even cheaper alternative than a sketch pad, a simple notebook would do! Just following the same concept as the sketch pad, simply adhere photos and journaling on the leaves of your notebook, and you are set! The best thing about this option is that it is easy to take around anywhere, which allows you to document all important events instantly! Isn't that cool?!
  4. Acetate Sheets - If you want something more fancy or just want another option, acetate sheets would also work. Simply follow the method used for sketch pads and notebooks, and bind them with either rings on one side or sewing the spine, any way you find it easy to bind the pages. :)
There really is no perfect way to do the project. All you need is a little bit of imagination to come up with really useful (and cheap!) alternatives to the traditional materials. Crafting need not be price-y. :D

Hope this post helps in a way More posts to come, so watch out! ;)

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