Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Life 2013 Plans: Featured Free Downloads

How is everyone doing? :)

Well, to all my crafty friends out there, I just want to let you in my plans for the Project Life 2013. :D But, before that, let me just say that I am so happy that I already have 4 who signed up! Woohoo!!! It does not matter how little or many are interested. I am just glad that someone was interested to join in the fun!

So, going back...

As the title states, I plan of posting weekly featured free downloads for Project Life. Since my aim is to make this project as easy to make as possible, I want to make it even easier by providing you guys sources of great Project Life downloadables. How does that sound? I think it's pretty great! I love freebies myself, so I am pretty much excited about it.

I might even be planning to make some of my own (if they are any good) and share 'em with you guys. Hopefully, if time allows me, too. :)

If you haven't done so yet, don't forget to sign up if you want to join the fun. :)
Project Life 2013 Sign Up Form

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Thrifty Alternatives for 'Project Life' Materials

Hey all!

Here I am yet again with another post. So, I've been browsing around Becky Higgins' website, and I thought that Project Life does not require you to purchase items meant for the project. Why not adapt office supplies or craft materials available within our reach instead, right? That way, we save, we don't get frustrated, and we get to do the project just like anyone else, yes?
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

'Project Life' 2013 Project: My Tips, Ideas and more

Hiya all!

Just recently, I posted a project idea I had in mine on my personal blog which you could find here. And, I thought I'd share a little more tips and ideas for my Project Life 2013 Plan.

Included in this post are:

  • Materials and tools to get you started
  • Who can do Project Life?
  • How often do you need to work on your Project Life?
So, without further ado, let's get going...


Okay... So, when I first found out about Project Life, I found that items and materials are easily obtained through Becky Higgins' website. This is why it really makes it appealing to non-crafters as they do not really need any crafting abilities to be able to build their Project Life. Available on Becky Higgins' website/shop are the basic materials such as binders and pocket pages. But, I think the most interesting items she has are core kits which include journaling cards which you could simply slip into the pocket pages and you are good to go. They are already readily decorated, so really, no need to embellish if you don't want to. 

But, for one like myself who find the items way out of my budget or simply unavailable in my country/area, I thought that I could actually make one with items you find at office/school supplies. Here are the main items you need to get started:
  • Book Binder
  • Pocket Page refills
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Photos, Memorabilia
  • Patterned Cardstock/Paper
Pretty basic, right? I actually haven't checked the nearest office supplies store yet for the pocket page refills, but I am sure I found some before. Haha. But, rest assured, I will check on that and update this post/blog. If there aren't available, I sure will find ways to improvise. ;)

Who can do Project Life?

Trust me when I say that ANYONE can do it! All you have to do is compile pictures or tokens that make a certain week or month memorable. It could be anything or everything, it all is up to you. :) You can make it as fancy as you want, as simple as you want. Does not matter. What matters is that you get to capture every memorable moment as possible. 

How often do you need to work on your Project Life?

Well, depending on the theme you choose, then that will determine how often you should do Project Life. If you think you don't have much time to work on it, do a monthly themed project life, capturing the most memorable moment each month. If you are up to the challenge of capturing unforgettable moments weekly, then a weekly themed project would be perfect. If you are more into family gatherings, then maybe a family themed project works best. Just put it this way: do your project life when you feel the need to. It's all depending on the time you have. No pressure at all...

And, as a bonus, I am thinking of even doing and making freebies for the non-crafty blogger friends who wants to join in the fun. Just like what you see on the Project Life core kits, I will try to come up with my own version of ready to use journaling cards. All you have to do is print and cut to size! How's that sound? 

If you haven't seen my post, you can read back on my personal blog here.Well, if you are up for it, please do sign up on the form below. I know it's pretty early, but, it never is too early to plan out everything. :) Besides, I am excited! So, hopefully you guys would join me and we could link up! 

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Friday, June 15, 2012

{DIY} Inked Edges, Vintage/Distressed Look

So, it's been a while since last post, and I am back with another DIY.

Adding a vintage feel to our cards or scrapbook pages has never been easier, thanks to "distressing inks". And they come in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs.

However, if you are like me with no distress inks sold nearby or is putting a hole in our pockets, it shouldn't limit us from achieving that vintage look.

So, are you ready to know what I use? Drumroll, please!!!

Acrylic Paint!

Yep, it's possible because I wont be sharing this with the world if it isn't. Haha! Below is a photo of my inked up edges on my cards using acrylic paint.

» Arylic paint (brown, black or any other color to make it look vintage)
» Water
» 2 sponges (makeup sponge and just another regular flat sponge

So, all I do is dilute the acrylic paint with water, depending on how strong I want the color to be. If you want it to appear darker, use very minimal water, adding just a little bit at a time until you get the desired look. This may involve a lot of testing. If you like it lighter, just add more water. Some use salt to thin the acrylic paint, however i haven't tried it out yet. Let me know if you gave it a go and how it turned out.

Note: the appearance of a particular mixture may look different from 1 colored cardstock with another. Experiment with different colored cardstocks with different mixture consistencies.

Next, simply pour a little amount at a time on the flat makeup sponge. The reason for this is so that you don't soak your sponge applicator too much to avoid soaking the edges of your card or whatever it is you want to ink up.

With your sponge applicator, simply dab onto your "ink pad" and apply to the edges of the cardstock. The circular blending technique used with distressing inks may not work for this because of the mixture made up of water. Instead, brush the sponge OUT towards the edge of the cardstock. Again, experiment on how to apply it to get the desired look.

And that is pretty much it! This is just another of the many uses of arylic paint! Let me know what you think of this technique and if you decide to try it out. Below are more pictures of my DIY! Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{Show & Tell} Mother's Day Cards

Here is another post for "Show & Tell". These are just some Mother's Day cards I made for my aunts and grandma. So, for all the moms out there, a belated Happy Mother's Day!!!
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{Show & Tell} Birthday Explosion Box -- Coffee Theme

Hiya everyone. It's been a while since my last "Show & Tell" and I am very excited to show you guys an explosion box I made for my fave barista at Starbucks.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

{Show and Tell} Graduation Card

It's been a while since my last post. This is just going to be a very quick 'Show and Tell' on a card I have made. It's for all the graduates of this year! I actually made this card for my cousin who just graduated last Thursday.

For the card base, I used a metallic gold or light brown card stock.

I made the layout using the Silhouette Studio software. The reason for this is so that I could cut the shapes I need in the correct size so it would fit the card perfectly.

The mat behind "Happy Graduation" is also a metallic cardstock in dark brown. The circles I just cut out with my trusty scissors.

To give depth and definition to the background of the owl, I inked it up with a DIY brown spray paint I made (a tutorial I might come up with in the future to share so watch out of it).

As for the "Happy Graduation" mat, I made the edges look "aged" by rubbing ordinary dustless chalk in brown and blended it out with my fingers. (Again, a tutorial of this will come up on future posts)

So, if you are wondering why I used my DIY spray paint and chalk to make my papers look "aged", that is because I haven't got the chance yet to buy distress inks which, again, are expensive from where I come from. However, I do plan to buy at least one color in a brown shade for these "paper looking aged" purposes.

So, there you have it. Tell me what you think, I'd love to read your comments. :)


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Saturday, March 31, 2012

{DIY} Chipboard Scrapbook Pages

Have you ever made scrapbook pages from scrap? Well, I do. I have never bought pre-made scrapbook albums, EVER. I have only made my own. And what better material to use than plain chipboard. Yep, you read that right. Want to learn how to make your own? Then read on.
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What to watch out for...

I have a lot in mind for what to post here in the future. I am not sure if they're going to be a success, but, what the heck! I'm still going for it.

For sure, more DIY tutorials. Lately, I've been doing a lot of "experimenting" to make my own stuff. Haha! It's fun, though, and definitely easy for anyone to do. The best part, easy on the budget as well.

I am also thinking of doing some freebies, although I still have no idea on what I could make. I don't know how to draw, so digital stamps will be crossed out. Oh well, I am sure I will come up with something. I am thinking of doing collabs with other bloggers for my freebies, so hope goes well. :)

So, that will be all for now. See you on my next tutorial. :)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

{DIY} Carrier Sheets for Craft Robo

Here is my first DIY project that I would be sharing, and hopefully will be followed with more. As long as I have crafts to share, then I guess this will definitely not be the first and last. 

For my first DIY post, I have here a tutorial on how to make your own carrier sheets for the Craft Robo Die-Cutting Machine. Well, you might be wondering why the need to make one when you can just buy one from the craft store and use it straight away. No hassle, no procedures.

Well, unfortunately (for me, at least), I can't afford to buy a single carrier sheet since I am always tight on budget since I have a daughter and would rather spend for her necessities first before stuff for my crafts. So, I always strive to find alternative ways to save my hard-earned money, yet complete my projects. A carrier sheet, if bought here from the Philippines, costs Php 1,500 (that is more or less $40) for just 1 sheet. Well, it's cheaper in the US, costing around $20, and that's for two sheets!

So, now you know why I decide to improvise, instead. And I'd do anything in the name of crafts! Haha! To know how I do these DIY carrier sheets, keep reading.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Projects of 2012: Craft Station

This year, one of the projects I plan to accomplish this year is my own space for my craft station! Yay! I've always wanted a place to make my crafts, so everything is in order and in one place. Right now, my stuff are in separate boxes which I have to take out every now and then, then put them back in place when I am done. That can be really tiring, especially if you are just completing a single scrapbook or card. So, here, I will share what my inspirations and ideas for my planned craft station, as well as some organization ideas that will cost you almost nothing!
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Show and Tell #2: Iris Folding Art - Heart Shape

Ain't it adorable? Iris folding sure is making a hit on craft projects. And I am starting to get hooked! What's Iris folding, you ask? According to my trusty friend, Google:

Iris folding is a paper craft technique that involves folding strips of colored paper in such a way to form a design. The center of the design forms an iris — a shape reminiscent of the iris diaphragm of a camera lens.

Interested, yet? If you want to learn more on how to do this craft, read on. 
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Show and Tell #1: Exploding Gift Box for Birthday

Hiya guys. This will be the first installment of a series of post I will be calling "Show and Tell." Basically, I show the crafts I recreated or made and maybe tell a little about it. And maybe post a tutorial on how I did it on future posts. But, for now, I'll start with this explosion gift box I made for a cousin's birthday.

Gift boxes are really common when giving out gifts to both family and friends. But, why settle with the boring, plain gift box when you can make a unique one you can call your own, and impress the receiver with the effort you put into it.

What I love about exploding gift boxes is that it combines gift boxes and greeting cards into one. Handmade cards are becoming a trend, and this is another way you can give out a gift by combining both gift and card.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Another Thrifty Blog Site?

Yes, it may probably be just another thrifty blog site, so you might be wondering why am I even starting one? Let me tell you why. 

I love crafting, and mostly, I share my works on my Facebook page and other social networking sites. So, this is another way for me to share my works, which I have done at the tightest budget. 

Craft supplies here in the Philippines tend to be *so* expensive. It could be cheap in the US and other countries, but here, they cost way too much for thrifty crafter to afford. The best  and most expensive one I have is a Craft Robo Silhouette Cutter. I have a couple of punches I got for cheap. But other than that, I depend on digital images for my stamps and papers. Even printed cardstocks tend to be too price-y for me, especially since I work online and a single mom, and don't really earn a lot for me to afford them. Same goes with clear stamps. So, I depend on my trusty research skills to find some digital stamps which I use for my scrapbook pages and handmade cards.

Sometimes, I envy other countries having such supplies which does not cost much and wouldn't make a hole out of their pocket to purchase them. But, hey, before those were even invented, crafters were able to make beautiful creations with their trusty hands alone and a couple of basic supplies. So, why can't I? And definitely you could do it, too. 

That's why I created this blog -- to basically just share what I did with my crafts, and hopefully would help you as well. 

So, hopefully, you find some inspiration in my work which I will be sharing here, all of which I will be creating with the supplies I have available. 

Do you share the same thoughts I have? Share them with me. Comment below, I'd love to read them and meet frugal and thrifty crafters like myself. =)

Much Love! <3 <3 <3 Pin It Add it to your boards!