Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Another Thrifty Blog Site?

Yes, it may probably be just another thrifty blog site, so you might be wondering why am I even starting one? Let me tell you why. 

I love crafting, and mostly, I share my works on my Facebook page and other social networking sites. So, this is another way for me to share my works, which I have done at the tightest budget. 

Craft supplies here in the Philippines tend to be *so* expensive. It could be cheap in the US and other countries, but here, they cost way too much for thrifty crafter to afford. The best  and most expensive one I have is a Craft Robo Silhouette Cutter. I have a couple of punches I got for cheap. But other than that, I depend on digital images for my stamps and papers. Even printed cardstocks tend to be too price-y for me, especially since I work online and a single mom, and don't really earn a lot for me to afford them. Same goes with clear stamps. So, I depend on my trusty research skills to find some digital stamps which I use for my scrapbook pages and handmade cards.

Sometimes, I envy other countries having such supplies which does not cost much and wouldn't make a hole out of their pocket to purchase them. But, hey, before those were even invented, crafters were able to make beautiful creations with their trusty hands alone and a couple of basic supplies. So, why can't I? And definitely you could do it, too. 

That's why I created this blog -- to basically just share what I did with my crafts, and hopefully would help you as well. 

So, hopefully, you find some inspiration in my work which I will be sharing here, all of which I will be creating with the supplies I have available. 

Do you share the same thoughts I have? Share them with me. Comment below, I'd love to read them and meet frugal and thrifty crafters like myself. =)

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