Saturday, January 12, 2013

{Project Life: A4 Style} Week 1 -- January 1 - January 6

Yay! I am so excited with this year's project I've been planning. I've decided to join in the Project Life fun! However, I am doing it my way. Since, I am being thrifty and can't afford to purchase real Project Life merchandise from Becky Higgins, I have decided to make mine from scratch (well, with the help of free PL printables I have collected from Pinterest!).

Also, to make it easier for me to find supplies, I have decided to make my Project Life in A4 style sheets. This is because these are readily available at the nearby bookstore and does not cost me that much. That way, I can still enjoy doing the project without having to break the bank. :)

Just a quick introduction on my own PL style, I have used a couple of alternative supplies that can be easily found. For my PL album, I have decided to make use of a clear book (those that you buy from the office supplies' store which is basically a book with clear pockets inside so you can slip in sheets of paper). For the sheets I slip into the pockets, I have used overhead projector sheets (aka acetate sheets) to adhere my PL journaling tags and photos to. That way, it appears to look like a real PL album or page. All are in A4 size.

So, this is for Week 1 (Jan 1 - 6). Basically just me and BabyLove's activities for the first week of 2013. :)

The whole page for Week 1. :) 
Page 1

Page 2

Upper row of photos is a photo of me illustrating hand numbering (I don't know what the heck to call it) 2-0-1-3. :)

Some of the journaling tags or photo mats I used on this project are actually note pads from Papemelroti. They have these wide range of kraft paper note pads that I just love and would go with almost any color theme. Here, it can be seen as a mat for my photo.

Some of the letters I used I cut from my Craft Robo, and covered them in glitter glue, because I don't have any Letter Thickers readily available to purchase. So, I make them myself. I have also used fabric tapes for embellishments.

 Sorry for the crappy photos. I just took these photos from my phone because I could not find my digital camera. >.< Nevertheless, I hope you see them.

I still have a lot of room for improvement. I feel that my page is still a little bit bland and flat and boring. >.< Please, please, PLEASE do share me your thoughts on how it looks and any advice if you have. I really do appreciate the feedback, good or bad. I really need the comments to improve myself. :)

Anyways, that's that. If you want to join in the fun, simply share your Project Life project with the link to your blog post below.

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New Year, New Project Life!

Hiya Guys!

I know it's been a while. A very LONG while, in fact. Been busy with work and I barely had time to do crafts like I used to before.

I hope everyone is having a good 2013 so far. :) As for me, I am hoping that this 2013, I will be able to blog more frequently just like I used to before. That will be one of my New Year's resolutions. ;)

To start of the year, I have actually started a new project. I am motivating myself to capture every single moment of my daughter's life as much as I can, no matter how shallow or how important it is. After all, it's always good to look back on something, especially during their childhood. So, I have planned since last year that I will be starting a Project Life book. Since a lot are getting into it, I thought to myself, why not?!

I was actually brewing up a fun way to connect with people for this project I have for 2013. But again, as mentioned, I have been busy for the last few months that I was not able to tend to it as much as I can. Yet, it still isn't too late to join in the fun. My plan is to have some sort of link party of blog hop to those who want to join in the fun. No prizes at stake, just something to do for fun. After all, we deserve a little break from our stressful work, right?

So, if you are still interested, please do leave a comment below, and I shall push through. Nevertheless, I will still be creating a link party of some sort below my posts, so anyone who's interested can join anytime they want. :)

If you want to see what I did for my week 1 of Project Life, see my next post!

Hope to see you all there! ;)

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