Saturday, March 10, 2012

Projects of 2012: Craft Station

This year, one of the projects I plan to accomplish this year is my own space for my craft station! Yay! I've always wanted a place to make my crafts, so everything is in order and in one place. Right now, my stuff are in separate boxes which I have to take out every now and then, then put them back in place when I am done. That can be really tiring, especially if you are just completing a single scrapbook or card. So, here, I will share what my inspirations and ideas for my planned craft station, as well as some organization ideas that will cost you almost nothing!
Okay, first off, here is the inspiration of my craft station:
Source: Scrapbooks Etc.
The reason why I chose this for my craft inspiration mainly because it only requires a small space. I only have a small little corner in my room, unlike others who have a whole room dedicated for their crafts. As for me, I could not afford to put up a room yet just for my crafts, so this would be perfect for the time being. Besides, I don't really have a lot of stuff that would require a whole room.

Currently, as I have mentioned earlier, my craft supplies are stored in different boxes, so I have to get one from here, another from there, and put them back when I am done. So, sometimes, I end up forgetting where I actually placed a certain tool, and would eventually frustrate myself trying to recall where I placed it. So, this is why I want a station for my crafts, so I could have everything within reach, all in one place. Even if I have an unfinished project, I could just leave it there, and my supplies would be where I left them.

I might be altering it a bit though. Instead of bare spaces above the desk like shown in the picture, I plan to buy or have shelves built for lots of storage. Here is another picture I found, which I will kind of "mixing up" with the above picture.

Source: Chez Larsson
So, again, this would be something similar to what I have in mind. Instead of a bare space, I will have shelves built or put up for storage. Then, right under, I will also have plastic drawers that could be purchased at any home improvement section or store. 

Initially, I was also supposed to include in this post some thrifty organization ideas. However, I would not want to bore you with a really long post. Instead, I will create a separate post on the organization ideas I will also be making use of, and hopefully would be of help to you as well. I will be linking that post on here when I finish it.

Thanks for taking some time to read my post on my craft station plans. Watch out for future posts on the progress of my station. **excited**


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