Friday, June 15, 2012

{DIY} Inked Edges, Vintage/Distressed Look

So, it's been a while since last post, and I am back with another DIY.

Adding a vintage feel to our cards or scrapbook pages has never been easier, thanks to "distressing inks". And they come in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs.

However, if you are like me with no distress inks sold nearby or is putting a hole in our pockets, it shouldn't limit us from achieving that vintage look.

So, are you ready to know what I use? Drumroll, please!!!

Acrylic Paint!

Yep, it's possible because I wont be sharing this with the world if it isn't. Haha! Below is a photo of my inked up edges on my cards using acrylic paint.

» Arylic paint (brown, black or any other color to make it look vintage)
» Water
» 2 sponges (makeup sponge and just another regular flat sponge

So, all I do is dilute the acrylic paint with water, depending on how strong I want the color to be. If you want it to appear darker, use very minimal water, adding just a little bit at a time until you get the desired look. This may involve a lot of testing. If you like it lighter, just add more water. Some use salt to thin the acrylic paint, however i haven't tried it out yet. Let me know if you gave it a go and how it turned out.

Note: the appearance of a particular mixture may look different from 1 colored cardstock with another. Experiment with different colored cardstocks with different mixture consistencies.

Next, simply pour a little amount at a time on the flat makeup sponge. The reason for this is so that you don't soak your sponge applicator too much to avoid soaking the edges of your card or whatever it is you want to ink up.

With your sponge applicator, simply dab onto your "ink pad" and apply to the edges of the cardstock. The circular blending technique used with distressing inks may not work for this because of the mixture made up of water. Instead, brush the sponge OUT towards the edge of the cardstock. Again, experiment on how to apply it to get the desired look.

And that is pretty much it! This is just another of the many uses of arylic paint! Let me know what you think of this technique and if you decide to try it out. Below are more pictures of my DIY! Thanks for taking the time to read!

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  1. Doesn't it look like a war-torn memorabilia? I mean vintage can sometimes be creepy-looking... in a good way.

    1. Yes, it does remind me of war-torn memorabilias! :D Haha! But, I love how it adds dimension without much effort. So yes, it does look creepy-looking in a very good way! :D

  2. I love vintage. I think it's classy. I might try doing this one of this days. I hope I can find time.

    1. I agree. The reason why I tried to come up with a thrifty way to do it while I haven't bought some distress inks yet which are quite price-y. :) Tell me how it goes if you do get to try it. ;)


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